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My Summer Toolbox - booklet

Barnardo’s Education Community booklet developed in collaboration with Lancashire Young Carers

For parents/carers or staff:

Summer can be a difficult time for children. The purpose of this booklet is for children (ages 6 - 12) to learn skills and coping tools that can help them to self-regulate when there are challenges or difficult days.

There are a range of weekly activities and exercises, including a ‘try and score’ section for children to identify what works well for them and what can support them.

You can support your child by encouraging them to try some of the suggested strategies within this booklet. It is important to continue to practice the ones that they find most helpful.

There are instructions for each activity, scissors and glue may be required.

My Summer Toolbox

When printing this booklet ensure that the settings are

‘print on both sides’ and ‘flip pages on short edge’

Full Booklet


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