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The Invisible Backpack Package

The Invisible Backpack is a free CPD package for schools and settings to deliver to their staff, either on their INSET days or during meetings.

The Invisible Backpack Package focuses on the importance of developing a relational approach in our work with babies, children, and young people.

The package is divided up into three parts. Each is approximately 2-hours in length.

Part 1: Consolidating Understanding


      • To explain the importance of a relational approach in supporting babies, children, and young people.
      • To introduce the Invisible Backpack metaphor.
      • To consolidate understanding of research and evidence relating to the impact of early relationships and childhood experiences.
      • To explore the relationship between needs and behaviours using the metaphor.

Part 2: Approach & Environments


      • To learn about the journey of other schools and settings to develop their relational way of working: ethos, approach and environments.
      • To reflect upon your own setting’s relational approach and environments.
      • To consider how your setting’s approach and environments support babies/children/young people who have a fuller or overflowing invisible backpack.
      • To identify strengths in your practice and provision and what you can improve upon.

Part 3: Strategies & Action Planning


      • To reflect upon your own setting’s strategies and interventions.
      • To identify strengths in your practice and provision and what you can improve upon.
      • To begin to develop a whole school action plan with clearly identified areas for development under the following headings: knowledge and understanding; approach; environments; and strategies.


By the end of this package, you will have:

      • Explored the Invisible Backpack metaphor and supporting research about the impact of experiences upon childhood development.
      • Reflected upon your understanding, approach, environment, and strategies.
      • Identified strengths and what you can improve upon (‘even better if…’).

BEC will provide online support for your facilitator/s in the form of pre-delivery and post-delivery meetings.

Materials provided:

      • Guidance booklet for facilitator(s)
      • Session plans
      • Presentation slides
      • Training videos
      • Additional printed materials and resources

Every participating school will have access to their own individual Padlet page where all the resources are housed.

BEC is looking for schools/settings to:

      • Deliver the package and provide feedback to inform future development.

      • Contribute examples of effective relational practice to be included in Part 2 and/or Part 3.

If your school/setting is interested in delivering the package, please contact BEC to arrange an initial meeting:


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