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Reflective Work Discussions

Reflective Work Discussions are facilitated, supportive spaces to reflect on strengths, challenges, and learning from being part of a therapeutic workforce in the education community.

As part of this offer, BEC provide an initial meeting, a pre-session, and six reflective sessions on a monthly basis.

Reflective Work Discussions provide a reciprocal environment to help to structure thoughts and connect colleagues in a safe, confidential space.

This is an opportunity to explore your experiences of, and feelings about, the relationships that you have as well as the impact of these on your wellbeing and capacity to provide support to babies, children and young people.

This offer is currently available to individual schools and wider education settings, specifically
for those working in a pastoral team, therapeutic roles and/or similar contexts.

You can find more information in our Targeted Support section.

Reflective Practice - Pilot Sessions

We completed pilot reflective group sessions with Barnardo's therapeutic practitioners (February - July 2023) as part of the co-production process to develop this offer.



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