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NEW - Jane Andrews - Clip 6: 'Supporting wellbeing through creativity'

Exploring creative practices and the impact they have on the wellbeing of
everyone involved!

Clips and activities

NEW - Beth Roberts - Clip 5: 'Wellbeing Toolkit'

For Mental Health Leads (and/or Senior Leaders) who are looking at how their school can develop a whole school/setting approach to wellbeing!

Clips and activities

Jane Andrews - Clip 4: 'Identity Box'

This is a great way for new and existing staff to get to know each other at the beginning of the school year!

Clips and activities

Podcast: S3 - Ep 2 - The voice of young people - transitioning to University

(Voice & Influence - London Region)


Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Moving more for our mental health


Building 'Botheredness' - Hywel Roberts

The Importance of a Creative Curriculum Approach for the Wellbeing of Both Staff and Pupils

Recorded Event

NEW Testimonials!


Podcast: S2 - Ep 8 - Verity Jones: climate change and sustainable education

(Part 2 - Secondary and Further Education)


Podcast: S3 - Ep 1 - The voice of young people - eating disorders

(Voice & Influence - London Region)


Podcast: S2 - Ep 7 - Verity Jones: climate change and sustainable education

(Part 1 - Early Years and Primary)


Supporting the Wellbeing of Children and Young People through Climate and Sustainable Education



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