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Season 2

#S2 - Ep 6 - BEAT Eating disorders

In this episode of BEC, we talk with Edward Emond (previously Deputy Director of Services at BEAT, the UK’s eating disorder charity). We discuss eating disorders, some common warning signs of eating disorders, the support and treatment out there for people with eating disorders, and the SPOT (Schools Professionals Online Training) that BEAT offers.

Find out more about BEAT:

Information about SPOT: 

#S2 - Ep 5 - Care Journeys

In this episode of BEC, we talk with Kim and Tiff from the Care Journeys Programme in Barnardo’s, which focuses on providing positive pathways into employment, education, training, or other positive destinations for care experienced young people aged 19-21.

Find out more about Care Journeys:

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#S2 - Ep 4 - Adam Burley: Consultant Clinical Psychologist

In this episode of BEC, we talk with Adam Burley, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist to NHS Lothian. The discussion will focus on relationships in the education environment, vicarious trauma, and the importance of support in the workplace.

#S2 - Ep 3 - Aisha Thomas: Director of Representation Matters

In this podcast we talk with Aisha Thomas, director of Representation Matters and former Assistant Principal (until July 2021), about racial trauma. Racial trauma is defined by Comas-Diaz et al., (2019) as: ‘… a form of race-based stress refers to People of Color and Indigenous individuals’ reactions to dangerous events and real or perceived experiences of racial discrimination.’  We discuss the importance of understanding the impact of racism and identify trauma-informed approaches we can use in our settings and schools so that the wellbeing of every child is promoted.

#S2 - Ep 1 - Sarah Hunt: mental health needs of refugee children and youth

The first episode of our second season is focused on the mental health needs of refugee children and youth. We talk with Sarah Hunt who is undertaking a PhD focused on this issue about her research in 3 different areas of England.


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