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Testimonials - Training and CPD (2022-2023)

Bereavement and Autism

The training confirmed previous knowledge but also gave me new things to consider, thank you.

Play Therapist & Adult Counsellor, Community Counselling support child loss & bereavement charity

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Grief and Mourning

Presenters very knowledgeable and empathic to the subject. Nice, relaxed environment.

Designated Officer child protection, Education Authority

Great information and great knowledge.

Live CPD attendee

Thought provoking.

Live CPD attendee

I really enjoyed the course thank you. I’m a new additional support needs assistant at primary school. Case study was excellent. Covid must have had such an impact!

Live CPD attendee

Developing Awareness of Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviours

Excellent, informative training. I enjoyed the interactiveness of the session; we were encouraged to have our videos on, unmute to chat, put into breakout rooms etc. Really helped with knowledge of the subject, how to respond to it and the assumptions surrounding these topics.

Education Officer, Young Carers Charity

Really informative training – thank you! Really changed my mindset about the reasons for self-harm.

Live CPD attendee

Great to see what self-harm behaviours are if you have limited experience.

Live CPD attendee

The idea that self-harm is wanting to live, hadn’t really thought about this.

Live CPD attendee

The signposting at the end and inclusion of further reading was great.

Live CPD attendee

Invisible Backpack

Thanks so much for this - one of the most useful informative hours for a while!!

Early Years Teacher, Childminding and Group Work

It was a very interesting and insightful event.

Project Worker, Family Reunion Integration Service

The session allows opportunity for reflection on school and families’ needs.

Family Support Worker, Primary School

The invisible backpack training was interesting, informative and inspiring. I think the Barnardo's education community is a great idea, and feel the opportunity for practitioners to attend these trainings to spread the word about trauma-informed practice, free of charge, is brilliant… Plenty of signposting to further information, reading and videos to share we given.

Early childhood practitioner/teacher, Early Years

I will definitely use the Invisible Backpack metaphor. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Live CPD attendee

I am going to share the concept of the invisible backpack with my team and implement PACE into my practice.

Live CPD attendee

The Theme of Loss: Death, Dying and Change

This was such a useful and supportive session. Thank you!

Live CPD attendee

Really helpful and brilliant resources – thank you.

Live CPD attendee

The Use and Power of Language

It was interesting to gather perspectives from a broad range of professionals.

SEMH Specialist SENCO, Outreach Support

It was a very great and insightful session, I feel blessed to have attended and also I loved the breakout rooms. My desire is to empower adolescents and children, through my language teaching, so that they will feel appreciated and the future will not be a repetition of the traumas of the previous generations (including mine) … Continue what you do.

Mentor for Adolescents, Language Teacher

A really informative session. It has reminded me of the importance of using the language of the child rather than my interpretation of their language.

Live CPD attendee

Trauma and Attachment (Part 1: Theory and Reflective Practice)

Keep up the good work!

Principal, Primary School

It was really useful for me, especially the explanation of theory at the start. Really helped me to embed knowledge. Thank you!

Live CPD attendee

It’s nice to hear this done in a simple way as I go to many trainings that are not so clear.

Live CPD attendee

Very interesting, informative session!

Live CPD attendee

Trauma and Attachment (Part 2: Scenario Examples and Discussion)

The presentation was outstanding. I appreciated how interactive it was and I enjoyed discussing application of the material… I will now be more thoughtful about attachment in my interactions.

Kinship Social Worker, Social Services

I have attended a number of Barnardo’s EC events and find them to be extremely informative and helpful in supporting me as a practitioner. Lucy and Carly were extremely knowledgeable and created a welcoming environment which enabled all attending to contribute and learn. Lucy’s approach to facilitation made me feel able to ask questions and reflect on the learning from the event. I took such a lot from this, as I have from others that I have attended. I feel that the learning events offered by BEC are an excellent contribution to the children’s workforce and look forward to attending future events.

Senior Family Support Practitioner, Early Help Team

It’s great to raise awareness.

Live CPD attendee

Trauma and the Body (Part 1: Perspectives and Approaches)

It was really good & informative & I liked the way it was delivered. Also good that we paid attention to our own feelings & strategies (staff wellbeing very often not paid attention to in my experience) … Really enjoyed it & found it useful! Definitely would like to attend follow up event on trauma.

Teacher, Primary School

I liked the use of the Menti app. So we could contribute anonymously. Also it was timely, sometimes when oral discussions are involved some people don’t contribute and then on the other hand some people have a lot to say and it can take up a lot of time.

Teacher, Secondary School

Very impressed.

Lecturer, Higher Education

I will speak to colleagues about this event and inform them of the BEC.

Teaching Assistant, Primary School

Trauma and the Body (Part 2: Theory, Practice and Applications)

Thank you I have really enjoyed today I have learned so much.

Live CPD attendee

Thematic Reflective Spaces

Attendee of Supporting CYP who struggle to manage in school:

This was very interesting and informative. Good to see how other professionals deal with situations to support distressed CYP. On the day I felt that my setting was very different however found the information useful.

Head of Care, Special primary school and Residential

Spaces for Listening

A very enjoyable and valuable event. Thank you.

EYFS Lead, Primary School

I am going to explore the spaces for listening model with colleagues and understand if it will fit with my work with young people on a mental health project… It was a great experience.

Development Worker (Youth Work & Training)

I liked the structure of the session with the 3 rounds and the intimacy of it.

Acting principal teacher of targeted support, SEND School

How could this event become the start of a small virtual community rather than one-off?


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