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Testimonials - The Spaces for Wellbeing Programme - Two co-production workshops (2023)

November - December 2023

It’s been very interesting and helpful. I’m very grateful to come to something which is really useful and where people talk to each other.

Computer Science teacher leading on staff wellbeing, Secondary School (after Part 1)

I’ll use it. The framework is a really solid process.

Pastoral and Mental Health Lead, Primary School

It’s really useful to have something tangible. You hear the same things over and over again around staff wellbeing. Here is something you can follow and that the tailored to the setting in which you work. It seems to be the most useful initiative I’ve come across. I will probably use it in Phase 2 of my action plan from September 2024.

Computer Science teacher leading on staff wellbeing, Secondary School

Seems great as a tool to work through that is tangible and … something that could be achieved. Could use the approach with parents and children, whom I do a lot of work with.

Pastoral Support Worker, Primary School

Thanks Carly and Marie - it has been really helpful to talk to others about their ideas, difficulties and experiences. Having some activities to go away with and action is so useful.


I was interested to discover ways to incorporate wellbeing for staff into the working day. It was really good to work on specific actions for our own schools, and to be able to bounce around ideas in a pair (better than a small group). The facilitators' understanding of the difficulties involved in a school made the course's aims realistic and (I hope) achievable.


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