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Testimonials - The Spaces for Wellbeing Programme (2023-2024)

Work/Life Balance

Tara Elie (Coach, Founder/Director of Star Performer)

The information - a topic new to me - was useful to me from day one. The personableness of the presenter was outstanding. It demonstrated her full grasp of the material and greatly enhanced the presentation and this participant’s experience.

Live CPD attendee

This was a very warm and welcoming learning event. Thanks.

Children and Young Person's Project Worker, Primary and Secondary Schools

Setting Boundaries as An Act of Self-Compassion

Faye McGuinness (Director of Programmes, Education Support)

The session was extremely useful and will support my wellbeing... Great session.

Social Work Apprentice, All Through School

I loved this session and gained some lovely tips- like worrying time and a ritual at the end of the day and focusing on strengths. I felt uncomfortable speaking into the group as I knew it was being recorded and going to be used on the website- this brought a sense of worry about vulnerability - being seen by a wider audience that I had no control over- I think it would have been nice given the size of the group to be given the option of breakout groups which would provide a safer space to share. The facilitation was excellent and the pacing- just a little more reflection time in a smaller group would have suited my temperament... Thank you-a lovely course- as someone trained to teach the 8 week mindful based compassionate living course and the 8 week mindful self-compassion course (Eric Van Brink and Chris Germer courses) it was nice to get a fresh perspective and some different ideas- very enjoyable and practical. Thank you. It is such a gift to be able to access courses like these.

Teacher with responsibility for wellness/ counsellor, Primary School

Thank you for a really interesting session. I especially liked the Role Model prompts, something I will share with the rest of the leadership team at my school.

Live CPD attendee

Thank you so much, your presentation is relevant, practical and informative.

Live CPD attendee

Supporting Wellbeing and Valuing Diversity of Staff, Children, and Families Through Creative Practices

Dr Jane Andrews (Professor of Education, University of the West of England)

Thank you, an inspiring experience.

Live CPD attendee

You’ve made my day as an artist and a teacher.

Live CPD attendee

A Team Approach to Improving Wellbeing in Education Settings

Beth Roberts (WULF Co-ordinator, National Education Union Cymru)

Thank you so much. It has been really interesting and useful.


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