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Testimonials - Reflective Work Discussions (Past Events)

2022 - 2023

Therapeutic Practitioners Community of Practice (previously known as Therapists/Therapeutic Community Hub)

Such sessions are a very valuable way of reducing any feelings of isolation in what may otherwise feel like an isolated position within an organisation. Coming together in this way, enables the sharing of a common language however different the modalities of the practitioners may be. Having taken the decision to re-register reaching out and finding such common ground is uplifting, stimulating and promotes ongoing curiosity at a time when, as above, isolation can be a problem… these are safe, facilitating spaces, that promote and support exploration of theory, interpersonal relationships and the valuable role we can have in effecting change.

Safer Choices Missing Persons Service, Scotland

The space that Lucy provides is invaluable, it would be beneficial if we could increase the number of Barnardo’s therapists that are able to access the space and share experiences and learning.

Barnardo’s Solar, Solihull/Midlands

I find the space extremely valuable. They provide the opportunity to reflect on my work, meet with other practitioners and to discuss ideas and resources to inform and improve my work.

Trafford MBC, Early Help Team

I highly valued the opportunity to listen to others and share. We all agreed the improvement would have been more participants.

Making Connections, based in London Nationwide Service

I found it valuable to share experiences with other professionals.

The Lucy Rayner Foundation, Surrey

I enjoy these sessions because it gives me the opportunity to ask for ideas, share ideas and develop together new resources… These are very valuable spaces, as it is allocated time set aside for valuable networking and development.

Barnardo’s Leaving Care Service Lincolnshire

It was really helpful to get together and be able to share ideas and resources… An extremely valuable space, coming from an education background and recently moving into a clinical setting - it is really helpful to meet other therapists and share best practice. Also being able to give that school perspective too I feel can benefit others that don't have the educational background. It has also given me a chance to connect with colleagues from my own setting which on a normal day to day basis we don't get the opportunity to do.

Barnardo’s Solar, Solihull/Midlands

It was great to have the space to explore working with young people with additional needs and the support that is needed around this… Extremely valuable, it is good to have that protected space.

Barnardo’s Solar MHST, Solihull

I think the development of resources add value to the service we provide for care experienced young people.

Barnardo’s Leaving Care Service Lincolnshire

2021 - 2022

Therapists/Therapeutic Community Hub

I really enjoyed some of the sessions I came to last year, I just hope I can make more this year! It is such a valuable space, thank you.

Barnardo’s Solar, Solihull/Midlands

This group is a great opportunity for staff working therapeutically within Barnardo's, I hope management support and encourage staff to engage and I feel it is so valuable in the development of what we do.

Barnardo’s North Region

Very very needed.

Barnardo’s Essex Child & Family wellbeing service

Thank you Lucy, it’s great to be part of a counsellor/therapist internal community in Barnardo’s.

Barnardo’s Cymru and Southwest

I think that that the therapists hub is an important space to skill share and promote best practice within Barnardo's. It would be helpful to have the sessions on different times and days of the week to ensure part time staff and those with specific commitments have the opportunity to attend.

Barnardo’s St Helens Resilience Service, North Region

Just registered this year and hoping it will be of benefit to me. Looking forward to engaging.

PATHS® Programme

When I have been able to attend, I have found the group to be a welcoming and helpful experience. Thank you for organising, Lucy.

Barnardo’s Southwest

I have really enjoyed the sessions I have attended and I found them interactive and helpful.

Barnardo’s St Helens Resilience Service, North Region

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend sessions last year but hope to be able to do so this year.

Barnardo’s Solar, Solihull/Midlands

Thanks for all your hard work Lucy.

Barnardo’s Central Region

Looking forward to upcoming meetings.


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