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Loss as an Educational Professional

As an educator you will have experienced loss in terms of your professional life: it may be the loss of your face-to-face role in school from March until September and during the other lockdowns; if you were in school some of the children in the class may not have attended; the loss of children’s opportunities will have been felt keenly by you; the loss of social contacts with your colleagues will resonate.

You may also have friends, colleagues and members of the wider school community that died as a result of Coronavirus. You will have experienced a number of losses within your life outside of work.

You will have done everything to support children, families and colleagues during lockdown, and in this new normality, but being on the front line will have had, and continue to have, considerable impact on you as an education professional.

We know from research that humans will struggle to support others if their own ability to self-regulate is affected. Ensure that you have allowed yourself time and space to sit with these feelings of loss, and to go through the grieving process, so that you can heal.

Your education setting may already have a framework, or have set up one in the light of the pandemic, for supporting staff wellbeing.

You will be in a much stronger position to hold the children and young people that you work with if you are given this support within your professional context.

Support for yourself as an education professional


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