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The Spaces for Wellbeing Programme

Approach, Process and Evaluation

In November 2020, Barnardo's Scotland invited education staff to be part of the co-production of a series of workshops around ‘Spaces for Wellbeing.’

The Spaces for Wellbeing programme is focused on staff wellbeing and is designed to ‘provide inspiration and not instruction’.

The initial sessions used the method adapted from Appreciative Enquiry to ask participants to share stories about their wellbeing when it was at its best. Examples of individual and team wellbeing were collected and aligned to the SHANARRI indicators through the Discover and Dream stages to identify common themes around staff wellbeing and ideas were generated through the Design and Deliver stages.

This framework was used to create a programme of online events, each around a specific theme, inviting guests from a range of disciplines to discuss solutions for staff wellbeing.

Participants found the process and events very empowering:

‘If you put people together and allow them to dream, it’s amazing what they can come up – small things that can make big changes to people’s wellbeing!’

Spaces for Wellbeing workbook, p.13

The programme is now being hosted by Barnardo’s Education Community (BEC) and rolled out across the 4 nations.


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