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Wellbeing Toolkit for Education

Developed by NEU Cymru's WULF (Wales Union Learning Fund) team to support education settings in developing wellbeing teams as part of the Whole School Approach.

The Problem:

Motions to Conference Cymru on the growing mental health crisis in Wales’s education sector noted that funding issues, excessive workload, testing, scrutiny, and accountability were significant factors in the increasing number of members struggling to cope and developing mental health problems. 

The Survey:

In July 2021, NEU Cymru conducted a mental health and wellbeing survey of education sector workers across Wales.  The survey attracted over 1600 responses from workers across all job roles in schools, colleges, and universities and highlighted the strength of feeling amongst our education sector workforce. 

Key Findings:

      • Excessive workload continues to be the leading cause of workplace stress and mental health issues.
      • There is a significant lack of support measures in place for workers experiencing poor mental health.
      • Negative workplace cultures surrounding mental health mean that only a small percentage of individuals access help or support for mental health problems. 

How You Can Help:

      • Talk to parents, colleagues, governors, leaders, managers and your union about getting involved.
      • Join and/or create and support the workplace wellbeing team.
      • Put mental health and wellbeing on the agenda for every meeting.
      • IN WALES: Get in touch with the Wales Union Learning Fund team – – to find out how they can help you with information, training and resources. Like and follow NEU Cymru and the NEU Cymru WULF project on Facebook and on Twitter – share their posts. This will help raise awareness of the crisis and encourage people to get involved. 


Click on the image below to see NEU Cymru's Wellbeing Toolkit.


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