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Therapeutic Games and Activities Resource

The initial idea for this resource came from a member of Barnardo’s staff. BEC then facilitated several workshops to develop an adaptable resource booklet to support and encourage relationship building with children and young people in Secondary or Further Education.

BEC would like to thank Emma Wood (Barnardo's Lincolnshire Leaving Care Service) and Julie-Ann Black (Barnardo's Aberdeenshire Youth Initiative) in particular for their collaboration.

The aim of this resource booklet is to support conversations with individual, or groups of, young people. We hope that these games and activities are a useful addition to the therapeutic resources you already use. However, we want to emphasize that you, the practitioner working with the young person/people, are in fact the real resource; your skills, knowledge, understanding and values.

This resource will hopefully aid you in building a safe space that embodies a relational approach; a way of interacting or communicating with young people that creates a space that is respectful, inclusive, honest, compassionate, and cooperative.

Therapeutic Games and Activities

for relationship building

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7 Games and Activities:

      1. Getting To Know You Grid (game)
      2. Building Connections (game)
      3. Pieces of Me Puzzle (activity)
      4. The Ball of Perspectives (activity)
      5. Band of Expanding Resilience (activity)
      6. 'Top Ten' (game)
      7. Origami (activity)

Workshop Part 2 - Slides


Workshop Part 1 - Slides



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