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Summer Power Up and Re-charge Workbooks

Power Up / Re-Charge Workbook

We know that education staff across the United Kingdom want the children and young people to have an enjoyable and safe holiday period throughout the summer. We also know that for some children and young people, the holiday period can be a challenging time and that it can cause:

- increased anxiety and worry

- isolation from friends and safe supports at school

- lack of routines and boundaries

- tension within the home or family environment

We hope that our summer “Power Up” and “Re-Charge” workbooks can help in these areas. Our workbooks are a creative tool to support children and young people over this summer period and allows for a three-step process, including:

- Step 1 (Before the Holidays): Talking with a grown up/adult at school and making a “feel good” or “wellbeing” plan for the school holidays

- Step 2 (During the Holidays): Keeping a weekly diary and allowing the children and young people to try the feel-good activities to support wellbeing and promote positive mental health

- Step 3 (After the Holidays): Reflect and then talk with an adult at school about how the summer holidays went.

We hope that both the Power Up and Re-Charge workbooks are a useful addition to your education resources and you are able to make use of this to support the mental health and wellbeing of the children and young people over the summer period.

We also hope that you and your colleagues enjoy a well-earned rest during this period and find opportunities to “Power Up” and “Re-Charge” to support your own wellbeing during this time.


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