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Information about the BEC Steering Group

Steering Group Terms of Reference


To provide critical and relevant insights, reflections, and feedback on the platform, which will enable the Barnardo’s Education Community team to meet the current needs of education staff most effectively across the UK.

This will be achieved through:

        1. Advising Barnardo’s Education Community (BEC) on the development and range of content available on the website, identifying gaps and emerging areas.
        2. Reviewing and trialling selected articles, activities and CPD.
        3. Coproducing blogs, best practice examples, worksheets and short CPD sessions to fill identified gaps.


The Steering Group will be made up of a cross section of education staff, ensuring that all phases are represented as closely as possible.

Subgroups may be developed with a specific focus, such as trauma and children with autism.

Frequency of whole group meetings

Once a half term

Working/subgroups groups

As needed


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