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With increased workloads and limited time our ‘bite size’ videos will give you access to the knowledge you need, quickly.

Joy Samuels 1: Bereavement and Covid-19

Dr. Joy Samuels talks about loss of the assumptive world and a coronavirus anxiety scale assessment tool.

Joy Samuels 2: Supporting Bereaved Children and Young People

Dr. Joy Samuels discusses real time experiences and how self-care is separate from clients.

Joy Samuels 3: Loss and You as an Educational Professional

Dr. Joy Samuels discusses big 5 temperament traits and "mind the gap" difference between expectation and experience.

Joy Samuels 4: Loss in Lockdown

Dr. Joy Samuels discusses non-finite loss and non death loss in lockdown.

Joy Samuels 5: Loss in Children and Young People

Dr. Joy Samuels discusses two ideas about no more stage theory and developmental milestone/phases in loss in children and young people.

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