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The Change Challenge booklet

Introduction to The Change Challenge booklet

The aims of this booklet:

• To support children from ages 5-6 up to ages 10-11 at a key time of change for them.
• To promote the importance of developing strategies to cope with change.
• To enable children to identify what also helps (feel-goods) on an
individual basis.
• To enable children to identify ‘tricky things’ which can have a negative
impact on their well-being when things change.
• To encourage children to identify who can help them (‘helpers’).
• To support self-reflection and preparation for change.

The workbook provides a structure for a child in this situation to:

➢ Think about all the change they have already dealt in their life so far.
➢ Identify what they are looking forward to and what they are worried
➢ Develop a plan, identifying the things that promote their wellness (feelgoods);
the ‘tricky things’ that can have a negative impact on their wellbeing;
the people who can help them (‘helpers’) AND what they have
done already to prepare for this new school year.
➢ Undertake a short weekly reflective session, highlighting what has helped
them that week, what has been tricky and who has helped. There are
also some ideas to support them when they come across tricky things in
the future.

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