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We know that the life of an educator is very busy so we have put together a range of worksheets to support you in facilitating difficult conversations with children and young people around general wellbeing, particularly when focussing on the key areas such as trauma, loss, grief and bereavement.

Worksheet and workbooks have a place in supporting learning in the key areas of trauma, loss, grief and bereavement but the key resource is obviously the adult working with the child/children and their skills, knowledge and understanding and values.

We hope that these resources provide staff, children and young people with a structure/scaffold to explore complicated emotions and feelings.

We have not specified the ages for each worksheet as they may be suitable for a range of developmental stages. Wherever appropriate the addition of props will support learning more effectively than the worksheet on its own.

We have tried to develop resources that are not duplicates of those by other organisations. Some of our worksheets/books have been created by our colleagues in other Barnardo’s services which we are delighted to highlight and share.

Our vision is for our worksheets and workbooks to be shaped and developed with education professionals, children and young people at the heart of this process.

Mental Health Awareness Week - Loneliness

Mental Health Awareness Week - Loneliness

The Mental Health Foundation started Mental Health Awareness Week 21 years ago and continue to set the theme, this year’s theme is ‘Loneliness’.

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