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Best Practice

This section shares practice that has been shown to be effective and includes case studies from settings and schools. If you would like to share your practice, please get in touch with us.

All education staff will use ideas and strategies that others before them have developed and found to be effective. It makes sense to do so! There is no point in reinventing the wheel when we have evidence that specific strategies and approaches work.

Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullanshare their definition for "best practices," which they define as existing practices that already possess a high level of widely agreed effectiveness.

This is one definition – there are others.

In higher education, De Montfort University2 talks about the term ‘good practice’ which ‘is generally defined as practice that is regarded as making a positive contribution, adding value to the provision and student learning experience and which is worthy of wider dissemination.’ It can also mean ‘anything that goes above and beyond standard practice or what is required to be done.’

Good and best practices could therefore encompass:

  • The adaptation of ideas and strategies to make them work for, and meet the needs of, different cohorts and individual children.
  • The innovation of new ideas that maybe address specific issues.
  • Ideas that have tangible positive outcomes and that can be transferred across different cohort/classes/ year groups/departments.

The role of research in education is critically important in ensuring that there is place for innovation.

Common denominators of good or best practice may be where staff:

  • Understand the needs of the learners.
  • Provide high challenge and high motivation.
  • Use resources creatively and flexibly.
  • See themselves as learners.

We would like to showcase work that schools and settings are and have undertaken in the areas of loss, grief, bereavement and trauma, together with staff wellbeing, that have been identified by you and your colleagues as good or best practices.


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  2. Good Practice in Higher Education, De Montfort University, (updated 2018)

Good Practice Guide

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