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The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version)

The PATHS® Programme is an evidence-based social and emotional learning programme aimed at 4 – 11 year olds (primary age). It helps children develop fundamental skills which will enable them to make positive choices throughout life. The programme can also be effectively delivered in early years settings.

It covers five domains of social and emotional development:

  • Self-control
  • Emotional understanding
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Interpersonal problem-solving skills

The PATHS® Programme is a universal whole-school programme that seeks to build upon a school’s ethos and culture and is delivered as a part of the regular school day by teachers.

The team at Barnardo’s has experience of supporting over 250 PATHS® schools and early years settings across the UK. Impact measurement includes a random controlled trial in Northern Ireland (2008-2012) which found greater empathy, co-operation and caring, better problem solving skills and reduced fighting and aggression (summary available here).

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