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Session 2: Leaders across education are supported in managing their own and staff mental health and wellbeing

A: Increased knowledge and skills to support their own mental health and wellbeing and that of those they lead

B: Increased knowledge, skills and understanding of the workforce, recognising the impact trauma can have on themselves and others

We have developed and tested a structured session that we offer senior management teams in schools which takes account of all the factors impacting culture in an establishment, not least of which, staff health and wellbeing.

“As we know staff wellbeing is a core component of a whole school approach…. we should not just focus on how staff support CYP mental health and wellbeing, but how they support own and colleagues.  At leadership level, there must be a good understanding of all factors affecting staff MHWB, including organisational, job-related and individualised….” (Mental Health and Wellbeing: Whole School Approach: Framework, Scottish Government, 24/08/21).

This module will offer an opportunity for participants to consider their whole school approach through a relational lens. We will use our well-established practice with the Five to Thrive approach, which provides a model to support understanding of why people need people, and how human connectedness helps recover from toxic stress (trauma).

The session will also offer a reflective space where each participant is supported to begin to develop an action plan for their own setting that will enable them to continue this process, whatever their starting point.

At the end of the session, participants will have:

  1. A greater understanding of how self and staff health and wellbeing are inter-connected and part of a whole school approach.
  2. An Action Plan to further develop their whole school approach to HWB specifically taking account of staff HWB
  3. Access to a programme of relevant CPD
  4. A Wakelet linking this learning to available tools and resources on offer from a range of selected sources.
  5. Access to a local Community of Practice (facilitated by Barnardo’s) within their Regional Improvement Collaborative area, where they can connect with others for further discussion, support and sharing.

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