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Taking care of people you lead

What are the ‘Taking care of people you lead’ supervision spaces for?

The purpose of the supervision spaces is to support the wellbeing of the education workforce as they continue to manage the impact of Covid in their context (schools, Community Learning and Development (CLD), Early Learning and Childcare (ELCC)) and support the children and young people in their care.

Mental Health and Wellbeing does not exist in a vacuum. There are multiple interdependencies and influences through our relationships and systems. Our set of 3 interconnected sessions aim to support you to reflect on these factors in your own setting with a view to developing an action plan to take forward in your establishments.

Who should participate in the ‘Taking care of people you lead’ supervision spaces?

Senior leaders across schools, Community Learning and Development (CLD) and Early Learning and Childcare (ELCC).

What is in each session?

  1. Personal - To be able to support the wellbeing of those we lead, we must first think of our own wellbeing and capacity. We will guide you through a personal wellbeing plan to enable you to consider your own MHWB. This will also enable you to use this process with others you lead.
  2. System (wider influences on MHWB) – We will reflect on your own system and how a trauma informed/relational approach could support the MHWB of people you lead. You will create an action plan to take forward in your own setting
  3. Children/young people – Our focus as education professionals is the children and young people we support. This session will enable participants to reflect on current challenges and consider priorities for their establishment or team in developing a consistent language and approach to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the children and young people they work alongside to the benefit of the wider system.

What support will I have to take this forward?

Following completion of sessions participants will have the opportunity to access Barnardo’s Education Community (BEC) which is an online platform. There will be a space within BEC related to these supervision spaces which will provide the following:

  • A wakelet for each supervision space as a centralised reference point for theory, policy and resources on MHWB for the education sector
  • A suite of relevant CPD courses provided by PESI UK
  • A community of practice connecting you to other participants and senior leaders in your Regional Improvement Collaborative

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