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Lesson Plans on Key Themes

Lesson Plans and accompanied materials developed in collaboration with the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) and education staff in schools who belong to AMS.

A key principle of trauma-informed practice is having cultural humility and being culturally sensitive to marginalised communities.

Barnardo’s journey towards becoming a cultural, adversity and trauma informed, and responsive organisation in partnership with colleagues in other organisations is helping us to develop the skills, knowledge, and expertise to be able to support educational staff to create safe, inclusive and specialist spaces for children.

The work shared in this section was commissioned by the Centre of Expertise for Children and Young People of African, Asian & Caribbean Heritage which is hosted by Barnardo’s. A model of co-production was proposed to ‘develop, test, and embed resources’ that were ‘specific and targeted; whilst supporting best practice.’


The Association for Muslim Schools (AMS) had previously worked on the See Hear Respond Programme co-ordinated by Barnardo’s so we were able to build on existing links to develop this collaboration.

The partnership between BEC and AMS has focused on key themes identified by two AMS partner schools in the Midlands:

    1. Understanding serious Illness and death (including psychoeducation around illness, self-expression, end of life, grief, death and dying)
    2. Navigating Relationships (exploring trust, respect, preferences, boundaries, risk, and options available in relationships)

Each theme has the following set of resources:

      • Lesson plans
      • A PowerPoint presentation for each lesson
      • A booklet of activities called ‘Understanding Illness’
      • Supporting resources
      • A guidance booklet for teachers

They have been co-developed, trialled, evaluated, and reviewed (involving 3 additional schools) by colleagues in AMS schools.

We are currently in the process of redesigning the materials for both themes. We look forward to sharing these at a later stage.


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