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Barnardo's Education Community Podcast

Our primary areas of focus will be providing resources for staff to support young people who have experienced loss, grief, bereavement and trauma. We are aware that in order to do this, staff wellbeing must be a priority, and this will be the theme that underpins our podcast series.

We will be providing multiple podcast episodes aimed at Education Staff across the United Kingdom.

#1 - Meet The Team

In this episode we will share what the Education Community project is, alongside our aims and objectives for the next 18 months.

#2 - Education Community Research

In this episode, we will feature an in-depth discussion with Henry Naylor-Stead, a User Researcher employed by Barnardo's.

#3 - Teaching During the Pandemic

In our 3rd Podcast episode we will feature an interview with Zane Powles, an assistant head teacher based in Grimsby.

#4 - Loss and Lockdown

Our 4th episode will feature discussions around loss and the impact that this has had on our children and young people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly during periods of lockdown and tighter restrictions across the UK.

#5 Wellbeing

Episode number 5 features an interview with Mike Armiger, an Educator from Wales, who specialises in mental health and trauma. Mike discusses staff wellbeing and why it is so crucial.

We are also joined by Programme Manager, Samara Barnes, who discusses the best way to engage with the Education Community, in particular the Community of Practice.

#6 Bereavement

Episode number 6 features discussions around bereavement experienced by children and young people. We will feature an in-depth interview with Clare Jeffree of Winston's Wish, a leading national charity on the subject matter.

#7 - Year of Reflection

This episode will look back over the last year living within the global pandemic and take some moments to reflect on your individual journey. We feature an in-depth interview with Amanda Seyderhelm who discusses grief, loss and bereavement. We discuss the importance of engaging children and young people with these conversations in education settings.

#8 Bereavement part 2

This episode features an interview with Nicola Reed of Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland. We discussed bereavement during the pandemic and the impact this has had on young people and families, whilst having a discussion about the important role of education staff.

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